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Showing posts with label S60v3 Apps. Show all posts

Maze Lock Signed

April 14, 2011

S60v5 Version is for :
Nokia :
5230 5530 5800 N97 N97 mini X6 5233 5235
C6 C5 N8 5228 C7 5250

Samsung :
GT i8910 Omnia

Sony Ericsson :
U1 Satio U5 Vivaz U8 Kanna

S60v3 Version is for:
Nokia :
5320 5630 5730 6210 6220 6650 6710 6720
6730 E52 E55 E72 E75 N78 N79 N85
N86 N96 6760 6790 E71x 5700 6110 6120
6121 6124 6290 E51 E66 N76 N81 N81 8GB
N82 N95 N95 8GB E63 E71 N73

Joikuspot premium V3.10 VIVAZ Signed

February 28, 2011

JoikuSpot turns your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Connect your laptop and other devices to internet using your phone as a 3G modem. With JoikuSpot in your phone, you can say goodbye to any awkward USB dongle, MiFi, cable or Bluetooth connection you might have. Carry 3G internet in your pocket and share it securely over Wi-Fi with anyone or any Wi-Fi device!


3250,5320,5500,5630,5700,5710,5730,6 110,6120,6121, 6122,6124, 6210,6220,6290,6650,6700slid,6710,6720 ,6730,6760,6 790,6788,6788i;
C5,E5,E50,E51,E52,E55,E60,E61,E61i ,E62,E63,E65,E66 ,E70,E71,E71x,E72,E75,E90;
N71,N73,N75,N76,N77,N78,N79,N80,N8 1,N82,
N83,N85,N86,N91,N92,N93,N93i,N95,N 96;
5800XM,N97,N97 mini,X6,5230,5235,5530XM,C6